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How's my axe swinging with this crazy little bastard?

Comments are screened, have fun.
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Mayu will be arriving with:
1x Axe (with ribbon)
1x Stuffed Rabbit (Usano)
1x Mp3 player (with a collection of her songs stored on it)


Poland - BFF and basically adoptive dad no. 1.
Lithuania - Adoptive dad no. 2 and hero figure.
Ukraine - basically a sort of big sister.
England - Wolf leader. Never actually met him whilst both of them were alive; she thinks he's a bit silly at times but is probably reliable.
America - The 'Illiterate Country' and also an idiot. LEARN TO SPELL PLEASE. Though you saved Liet that one time that was good... otherwise though you suck at being a hero.
Prussia - Is a woman and in love with Spain. Again they never really met.
Spain - Optimism bro!
Russia - never met, but heard about from Poland. Sounds terrifying.

Dangan Ronpa
Naegi - He seemed a good enough kid but all the wolves really hated him so she is basically 'idk'. Yet another victim of bears.
Mondo - They bonded really well on Day 2 and then he killed her by vote on Day 12. And she guilt-tripped him for it in the afterlife. Fun times.
Kirigiri - aka 'Detective Girl'. HOPE WILL WIN OVER EVERYTHING and Kanaya was basically in love with you. IMPRESSIVE PERSON pity about the nuns.
Touko - Funny person, but reliable. Also intelligent; picked up on the 'Clue Game' faster than everyone.
Togami - You died and then Mayu got resurrected in your place. Don't tell Touko.
Gundam - aka 'Scarf boy'. Slightly silly hamster man. Still, he survived! Made the right choice in the end.

Puella Magi
Sayaka - aka 'Swordgirl'. Killed her whilst rabid on Night 2. Forgiven. Sacrificed her arm that one time. Can be very justice focused and thinks about things too seriously.
Madoka - nice kid! Looked after all their graves and everything.

Other / Misc / LCWs / Everyone Else
Kanaya Maryam - BFF the second! Also scarily awesome with chainsaws. SHE MUST EMBRACE THIS LUMBERJACKING REVOLUTION.
Holden Caulfield - Don't play with dead girl's heads. Also everyone wants to punch you for some reason is this like a social rule.
Ceil - that Nun who shot the Detective Girl. Would have liked to have gotten to know her more.
Charles Fei-Ong - Vampire child who's really cool. They would totally have spent forever enabling the worst in each other if they'd had a chance to meet sooner. Kind of on a similar wavelength, without the optimism.
Sharon Carter - the last surviving Hunter / teammate brosis. Though why did you kill Beat and still try to win sheesh.
Doctor Who - Idiot with a hero complex who nearly wrecked everything. Kicked him in the shins for it.
Bruce Wayne - Really old not-so-evil dude. Please stop beating up Poland.
Damian Wayne - Boys are silly aren't they?
Beat (TWEWY) - Sorry about you dying and stuff that wasn't the plan.
Robin (Fire Emblem) - Quiet but smart wolf who talks a lot of sense. Also restrained Mayu to keep her from kicking in the TV. Twice.
Akane Kurashiki - A little silly. Also voted for her on Day 1 and kind of got her killed before she could do anything.
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Box 2000

Mail, packages, whatever for Mayu? Leave 'em here!

Animus app

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Player Information

Name: Guessy
Personal Journal: [personal profile] rickroading
Age: 21
Contact Info: [ profile] guessy
Other Characters Played: None

Character Information

Character Name: Mayu
Character Series: Vocaloid
Character Age: Somewhere in the region of 12-14
Character Gender: Female
Game Transplant
Canon Point: N/A, though if Hunter's Game counts 'post game + a few months'
Former Game: Hunter's Game
Background Link: There kind of isn't a Vocaloid canon as such; the only thing we know about Mayu is that she's crazy and carries an axe and bunny around; Vocaloids being just singing software and all that. Accordingly when it comes to making her a character I went with the time honoured traditional of 'make a ton of it up', detailed in the AU background.

AU Background:
Mayu's backstory is a little... silly, I should mention. Mostly it's because of the following things we know about her in canon: she has an axe, good fashion sense and sings. What has these three things in common? Well...
Basically, it was spawned from the observation of 'wow, if these were Mayu's parents, it would explain a lot...'

Born and raised in the mountains, deep within the woods, she grew up within a family of extremely fashionable crossdressing lumberjacks(1) with the radio being their primary contact with the outside world. It is via the radio that she developed her love for music; actually managing to recreate musical notes by swinging her axe around in certain ways[1]. Her parents were supportive, and taught her the piano (possibly in the hopes she'd stop swinging the axe around) and how to sing along to the songs. Fortunately her horizons broadened a bit once it came to public schooling; she attended a tiny little rural school in the nearest village.

She had difficulty fitting in there though; managing to out-country bumpkin the actual country bumpkins and getting into trouble for trying to take her axe around everything and wearing gothic lolita clothing all time (despite the school not having a set uniform. Or Mayu even knowing what 'gothic lolita' even means). Mayu, being the socially blind amoral crazyperson she is, wasn't too disheartened by this, mostly just annoyed and rapidly bored, resulting ultimately in her running away from home through the forest with the intent of becoming a singer, taking with her rabbit, her axe and basically nothing else.

There's an obvious problem here.

Getting through the forests and surviving the mountain took... longer than expected, resulting in some improvised survival skills, one messy run-in with a bear and many, many creative uses of her axe, from striking flints, skinning said bear to make a tent, chopping firewood... ultimately she actually came out the other end unscathed (more or less) but very attached to said axe.

From there, she was able to catch a bus into the nearest city, make national news for managing to survive the woods (there was a rescue attempt), somehow sign on to a sympathetic producer (presumably thanks to the news story publicity) and from then on was a professional singer, pursuing her dream of singing and seeing the world.

[1] As an aside, it is actually canon that Mayu's axe is a musical instrument. She's not even the only Vocaloid that does this; Gackupo has a musical sword and VY2 might actually be a musical sword, whilst Yukari somehow managed to get associated with chainsaws of all damn things...

Game Background: Hunter's Game was basically a round of IC Epic Mafia in roleplay form with some fun supernatural backstory and a whole lot of shenanigans. Fortunately, handy summaries exist: The Story So Far covers all the events of the game. Mayu managed to die hilariously early, so most of the things she did herself occurred in the Graveyard, which has it's own summary here.

She was, initially, a Scavenger with the Omnivore role, allowing to pick any role from those who had died; in effect, she could pick which side she wanted to play for (Critter liked her, apparently). This... amounted to very little, as she was killed by another Scavenger, Sayaka Miki, on the first round of gameplay anyway; a fluke choice, simply because Mayu was acting suspiciously before the game even began (trying to find her axe and asking everyone she ran into if they'd seen it).

Having died on Night 2, she awoke in the Graveyard, coming to the immediate (and as it turned out, hilariously accurate) conclusion they weren't actually dead, a viewpoint she continued to insist on for the rest of the game. She befriended the Hunter Poland shortly before she died, and the trend continued when he abruptly showed up the following night; Sayaka's second victim. Bored and with nothing better to do, they quickly bonded over their shared deaths and Mayu's cheery optimism. When Kanaya joined them the following night, a trio formed and thus was born the practise of 'popcorning' at Trials; literally, watching the Trails play out on the screen whilst eating popcorn, in this case watching the Prey weed out and successfully execute Kanaya's killer, Bruce Wayne. She also sacrifices her rabbit, Usano, to unlock the Supply Store thinking it would help the survivors and be more useful now than later (which, in what was either planned or just hilarious coincidence, contained axes amongst other useful survival gear).

From then on, she couldn't really do much save watch the game, popcorn, greet new arrivals and generally banter and bounce about theories and ideas. When her own killer Sayaka arrived, she quickly wound up befriending and forgiving her too when it became apparent she had been under mind control the entire time (as part of her role being the 'Rabid') and Sayaka was extremely apologetic. Initially cheering on the Prey with Kanaya, her perspective slowly shifted over time the more Hunters seemed to arrive, clearly forced to hide something. By the end of day nine, the Kanaya - Mayu - Poland trio had reached an interesting balance; Kanaya cheering on the Prey, Poland cheering the Wolves and Mayu in-between, unsure of who to support, becoming increasingly suspicious that either side winning would fail Critter's hinted 'real game' that the ghosts, in their unlocking of clues, were supposedly working towards winning.

Then Day 10 happens, and Mayu is resurrected as a Hunter with yet another special role; the Striker, who could block another role from its activities for one night, once in the game. Her memories of her time in the Graveyard and of her original Scavenger role wiped, she entered back into the game with a naive 'Day 2' view on things; that Critter could still be opposed and both sides should work together. This was actually reinforced by her meetings with Lithuania, a Prey harbouring similar suspicions.

From then on she was a Hunter, with full knowledge of the Hunter's secret motivation; if they won, they could bring back everyone who died in the course of the game. She never actually took part in any of their night kills (having been advised not to so as not to appear on the video), but she took part in their strategy sessions and indirectly contributed (unwittingly) to Lithuania's decision to betray his own side and get himself killed by Critter personally; the one death that really affected her throughout the entire game. Convinced no-one was actually dying and that the rest of the dead could - like her - be brought back to life, she championed the cause of the Clues and abstaining during her final trial on Day 12; following Lithuania's observation that the trials were a time limit; which would happen first, the death of the remaining Hunters or the reveal of all the Clues? Not that she was exactly a shining beacon of morality at any point; because no-one was 'really' dying she concluded that meant offing them was totally a-okay, resulting in cheerfully sending off America as he died of a gunshot wound, throwing fellow Hunter Holden under the bus to try and manipulate Charles, sentencing Charles himself to a slow painful death by poison and being responsible for getting both him and Sayaka Maizono killed in one night.

That said, when she thought someone had really died - namely, Lithuania on Day 11, killed by Critter for deliberately aiding the Hunters and killing a fellow Prey - she was shocked and out of sorts for the remainder of the Trail; regaining her zeal by attempting to follow in his footsteps in dismantling Critter's game. On Day 12, she decided to go out with a bang, collecting all the clues and evidence for the survivors to pour over, predicting where the next clues would be by process of elimination and, finally, coordinating by notes with as many people as possible to spoil their ballot by voting for Critter instead of the obvious culprits (namely Mayu and Sharon, the two remaining Hunters, of whom basically everyone was aware of). She urged everyone to abstain, thinking it the way to break Critter's game. She still died - Mondo Oowada, with whom she had previously bonded during the first few days, delivering the one vote that got her killed when literally everyone else abstained. Despite the 'Critter' ballots outnumbering Mondo's one, she was executed anyway; Critter didn't even comment on it (she'd been trying to at least annoy it with what she figured was probably 'flagrant cheating').

When she arrived back in the graveyard her memories returned, and she was happy-go-lucky about the entire thing, making up with Charles over their shared manipulations of each other, proceeding to casually guilt trip Mondo into helping give something up to bring Lithuania back the following day. Though furious to the point of having to be restrained from kicking in the TV (twice...) when the Abstain plan was at first nearly sabotaged and then simply didn't work, she returned to accepting that she couldn't affect anything from there, hoping the Prey could win as soon as possible so that as many survivors made it out alive. She even slept through the final votes.

Ultimately, the 'ghosts' won out; the Prey, with all the clues, voted to resurrect all the Hunters, winning the 'real game' - a test Critter had set out. This resulted in the end of the Hunter's Game and all the deceased characters returning to life; with everyone joyfully alive and reunited, she did not return to her own world; she was basically de-facto adopted by Poland and Lithuania, and instead returned with them, living in/with Poland as initially promised all the way back on Day 2.

She has lived there for several months, picking up a few of Poland's bad habits in the process, before arriving at Animus.

Personality: Mayu is... a little strange. Socially blind to a fault, she sees nothing at all wrong in her actions, from carrying around an axe everywhere to being entirely unconcerned about getting herself or others killed or horribly maimed (thanks to her experiences in the Hunter's Game; in fact she'll probably get worse at Animus because there's an actual respawn time). Furthermore, she usually cannot understand why anyone else would act in a different manner; basically, from lack of exposure to other human beings when she was raised, she has some difficulty with empathy.

She actually means well in the long run though; she is boundlessly optimistic and cheerful, yet again to a fault; because of said optimism, she sees absolutely nothing wrong in temporary deaths, harm or any personal misunderstandings, since she believes they can (and will) be fixed. From her perspective, everything will be fine (eventually) anyway, so why sweat the small stuff now? It also means she can be spectacularly ruthless at times; causing short term harm for perceived long term gain (throwing Holden under the bus in the Day 11 Trail for example). If she ever does any permenant damage, she will recognise she has done something wrong and genuinely be sorry, but otherwise her optimism makes her thing she can just fix it later and thus there's no remorse.

More than anything, she is easily shaped by her environment and the people around her. In the Hunter's Game, she picked up a self-sacrificial streak from Lithuania along with his desire to rebel against Critter's Game, from Critter itself early on she picked up the cheery conception that it was just a game and not to take it too seriously, and Poland swung her over to the Hunter's side in the Graveyard before she even know their motivations. Probably the worst case would be her interactions with Charles after their deaths, as they proceeded to enable the worst in each other when it came to holding grudges and failing to empathise with people. Probably the biggest thing that came out of Hunter's Game is her complete loss of self-preservation, since nobody 'really' died anyway; her own death and the deaths of others are essentially meaningless to her, as long as they come back.

Though she is bad at empathising, she still values the approval and affection from those she's close with; whilst she cannot understand where it comes from, she still tries to earn it none-the-less. She's just, uh... very 'trail and error' about it. She also still makes the mistake of thinking what pleases one person will please another, which can result in confusion when stuck between two friends with conflicting viewpoints (ie Kanaya and Poland advocating the Prey and Hunters respectively). It also means she treats new people completely equally, with no assumptions whatsoever; she was probably the only person to be friendly with Critter at the beginning of Hunter's Game, though she turned to hate him over time (picking it up from everyone else, Lithuania and Poland in particular). Since she tends to pick up opinions on things based on the reactions of others, this can result in a 'follow the crowd' mentality at times. It's mostly a symptom of her trying to fit in whilst not really understanding how.

On her own, she 'defaults' to her amoral, slightly ruthless side, holding pretty grudges against people who harmed or annoyed her (Sayaka Miki, for killing her, America for being painfully incapable of both spelling and accepting that England was a Hunter and Holden for... 'playing' with her head after her first death; did I mention she can be petty at times). Being 'silly' (either genuinely stupid or just being very emotional or negative) confuses and can annoy her. That said if she meets that person in person, that anger has a tendency to dissipate in favour of her optimism and generally cheerful nature, particularly if they're apologetic or recognise they did wrong (see, her post-death befriending of Sayaka Miki). It... makes her more than a little bit unpredictable; she can cheerfully encourage someone, cheerfully backstab and betray them and cheerfully go about making amends all within a matter of days. She can come across as two-faced, but really Mayu just flips about between allegiances and opinions that quickly; it's more a degree of inherent flightiness interacting with her negative traits than anything else.

She has a number of other, generally unrelated quirks; she has an odd way of speaking that tends to butcher grammatical rules (though her syntactical issues go away when she's writing something down; she just has terrible handwriting instead), a tendency to nickname people until she meets them in person (for instance calling Critter 'The Rabbit' for quite a while, Sayaka 'Swordgirl' - though that one stuck - Kirigiri 'Detective Girl', America the 'Illiterate Country' and so on) and of course carrying her axe around everywhere, which never got to actually happen in HG because Critter stole all weapons at the start.

On the subject of axes... Mayu is fond of them. It's important not to understate this. Following her survival in the woods with hers, she considers them invaluable as a day-to-day survival tool, and in Hunter's Game she missed having it keenly (many a conversation involved the words 'if only I had my axe...'). She is of the opinion that everyone should have one, as a matter of convenience and priority, because what would happen if you suddenly found yourself in a situation when you really needed an axe but didn't have one because you were silly? Mayu is very, very pro-Axe. Interestingly, she actually sees it more as a 'do-everything tool' than a weapon (disparaging guns because of their role in HG and their sole use, and knives because 'anything a knife can do an axe can do better'). She used to be equally fond of her stuffed rabbit Usano, but he fell a little out of favour because of Critter's own association with rabbits (and her willingly giving him up on Night Four).

Fashion and singing she takes very seriously, and has a lot of professional pride in (this applies to lumberjacking too, it's just it doesn't come up as often). Fashion, admittedly, she thinks is completely normal since she was raised with it, but singing and music was something she actively took the effort to learn.

On love and attraction, she is very naive; never experiencing it herself (being too young), but getting all her ideas about it through love songs on the radio resulting in a very... warped understanding of the matter. The concept of gender doesn't even enter into it; Lithuania and Poland being basically married and basically her adoptive parents, whilst her original parents were of course cross-dressing fashionistas. Basically getting Mayu involved in any relationship issues is a recipe for disaster; she will do her utmost to help the cause of 'true love' in her typically ruthless, cheerfully disastrous manner.

She also has a deep-rooted fear of bears thanks to her adventure in the woods (thinking them somewhere between a mystical force and a natural disaster) and, thanks to Poland, a roughly equal fear of Russian men bearing pieces of iron pipe. She's also picked up from him a habit of snacking, pony rides and using barely readable textspeak on phones, along with some extremely wonky Polish.

Ultimately, she is a sheltered, strange girl who wants to get out and see the world; she loves trying out new foods and places, and is excited by new people and phenomenon. She wants to understand other people and the outside world, she's just not... very good at it. She is basically a psychopath and really kind of a terrible person, but she tries.

If only she had a better success rate.

Abilities: No superhuman abilities; she can sing, has a number of survival and lumberjacking skills and can (and will) use her axe for a lot of things a sane person would never think of, but ultimately she is still a small 13~ year old girl. She's physically fit and has a lot of upper body strength for her age, but that's just upbringing more than anything else, and she's still a scrawny midget. Killing a bear with an axe was a fluke more than anything, and she's never actually tried to kill someone with it. Not saying she wouldn't, but she doesn't exactly have experience.

Sample Entries:
Hunter's Game samples (hahaha how do I chose...)
Meeting Mondo, Day 1 (includes her talking about her childhood a bit)
Throwing Holden under the bus, Day 11
Explaining why she got Charles killed, Day 11 (probably the best example of Mayu's wonky morals)
Her reaction in the Graveyard to her own execution, Day 12
Mayu's reaction to the final sacrificial vote

Animus Testrun:
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I'm going to vote 'Critter'

It will probably count as a spoiled ballot, but it's worth trying.
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Am going to add 'Critter' to ballot and vote for that! Will see what happens!
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Am going to add 'Critter' to ballot and vote for it.

Will probably count as abstain, but worth trying.
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I will be voting 'Critter'. We'll see what happens.
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[Mayu's a little sad, what with the news, but she still makes them both a cup of warm milk each.]

Wasn't anything in the booth and seems everyone has been checking Cabins... was there anything?


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